When to Take Your Child to a General Dentist Visit

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Learning when to take your child to a general dentist is necessary. While many children should be taken to see a dentist every six months, some children need to be seen more often. It simply depends on each child’s specific situation when it comes to how often they need to go to a dental office in order to receive the dental care they need for good oral health.

What do general dentists do?

Choosing a general dentist is a great idea. This type of dental professional provides their patients with a wide variety of dental services, which means they can treat many different types of dental problems. They also provide patients with the regular dental care they need every year, also known as preventive dental care services. General dentists treat dental patients of all ages.

According to the Mayo Clinic, regular dental exams help protect your child’s oral health and give your child’s dentist a chance to detect problems early, when they are most treatable, and provide tips for caring for your child’s teeth.

When to take a child to a general dentist visit

The list below includes information on when parents need to take their child in for a general dentist visit.

For regular dental examinations

All children need to undergo regular dental examinations in order to ensure that they are in good oral health. This type of dental appointment is considered preventive health care and ensures that a child’s first set of teeth is not only in good condition but also that their second set of teeth is coming in exactly as they should. If any problems are found during a regular dental exam, they can be addressed in a timely manner.

When they are pain

Any time a child is experiencing any type of pain inside their mouth, they need to be brought to the dentist for a full mouth evaluation. The most common cause of dental pain in children is either due to gum disease or tooth decay. Other reasons that a child might be experiencing mouth pain is because they have broken or cracked one or more of their teeth, which needs to be addressed by a general dentist as soon as possible for treatment.

If they are experiencing speaking problems

Whenever a child is experiencing any type of speaking problem, it could be directly related to dental issues. Common dental problems that could be getting in the way of a child’s ability to speak properly include having crooked teeth, grinding or clenching their teeth and having multiple missing teeth.

Do you need to make an appointment today?

Need to make an appointment with our general dentist? Now you have a better understanding of how important it is to bring your child in for necessary dental care. If you have any questions for us, please do not hesitate to ask. We are here to help!

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