Find out how Lumineers® can help improve your smile in just two visits. They are different from traditional veneers in that your teeth don’t need to be reshaped or drilled because the Lumineers® are super thin in design so they are applied right over your original teeth. Your original smile will be in tact if you ever need or want to remove the Lumineers®. They can last at least 20 years after they are applied. Giving you a stunning, bright smile immediately.

Lumineers® are completely painless so you don’t need to be nervous. They are unique in that they can transform your teeth into the white, straight smile that you always wanted. They cover unsightly discoloration and covers crooked teeth, chips, and gaps.

How does Lumineers® work?

A mold of your smile will be created by Dr. Malcom. You will get to select the shade of white that is right for you with the help of Dr. Malcom. After this, the mold of your smile will be sent over to a Lumineers® lab so that it can be create. When we receive your completed Lumineers®, Dr. Malcom will inspect it to make sure it is the correct shade and fit. Your Lumineers® is then applied painlessly during your second visits giving you the smile you’ve always wanted.

If you have any questions about Lumineers® here in Anchorage, Dr. Malcom is always available to help. Get in contact with us today to get your gorgeous smile!